How to Make a Homemade Penis Extender

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If you still insist on DYI practices, read on… I can’t honestly believe that I’m writing this, but it seems many people are ready to risk their health with self-manufactured penis extenders. So here we go!

*disclaimer: we really do not recommend you to make a penis extender…please, just don’t do it. It’s not a good idea. Just get a proper one and enjoy your life with bigger penis. Check our “penis extenders” section from the menu above for some safe and functional suggestions! If you don’t want to do that, juuuust keep reading…

homemade penis extender

DIY Tools For Male Enhancement?

Now, let’s explore the background a bit first. Have patience. We all know that many people watch adult movies. They practically act as a stimulant that people use for releasing sexual tension. This is done by masturbating. In these movies, there are men and women, both usually very well endowed in their sexual parts. The men, the male porn stars (which by the way are usually way less appreciated than their female counterparts), in general seem to have been blessed with abnormally large penises. And then, men who watch these male actors often cannot help but envy how big member that actor happens to have. It’s only natural for men to want that same size penis if their own penis is of normal length or less impressive. The normal penis size is five to six inches. These adult actors have a penis sizes that range from seven to ten inches, which is pretty much what most men want for the size of their penis. Here’s where home-made devices step into the equation.

In striving to achieve this, no doubt honest goal of lengthening their penis, men have come up with certain home-made devices that they use in order to grow their penis size. This often stems from embarrassment in ordering penis stretching products (which is complete nonsense, you can order them fully discretely). Anyway, in choosing to mimic these penis stretching products, they turn to their homemade devices and come up with all sorts of weights and ropes that can be attached to penises as a means to lengthen them. How silly does that sound? Let me tell you right now, it’s pretty f**ing silly. A proper, medical device is always, always a better and safer solution. Thousands and thousands of people use them, there’s absolutely no shame involved. However, many men still want to do it. Let’s dig into it – how to do and what to do and especially what NOT to do:

How to Make a Penis Extender?

A cartoon-style one-ton weight

One-ton weight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One way to attempt to lengthen your penis with home-made tools is to attach weights to a rope and attach it to your penis in its flaccid state. Home-made tools such as hangers with flexible PVC hose, a band clamp and a S-hook are also sometimes used in lengthening the penis. Or, I would say rather in attempting to lengthen it. I guess we don’t need to tell you that this stuff does not really work, right?

Some people instruct that the PVC hose should be shaped in a way that hanging weights on it is possible. The band clamp’s responsibilities will be to tighten or loosen the hose. In attaching this device to the penis, you must wrap your penis with a cloth. This will lessen the friction of the hanger hanging on to your penis. Without this cloth, the experience may become painful and might cause the penis to suffer injury. After the penis is wrapped, place the hanger and weights gently on your penis and make sure that it is not too tight. This will prevent blood flow in the penile area which is not a good thing. Having the hanger and weights on should be done for only a few minutes at a time in order to avoid any risk or penile injuries. However, we can’t stress this enough: We don’t endorse these methods. We will never. If you choose to try something funny like this, it’s your own fault if and when something unfortunate happens. Shortly: just don’t do it. Go for a proper penis stretcher, shell out the money once, and you’ll never look back anymore. Homemade stretchers are like a bad voodoo (you can read some bad experiences from here too, (opens in a new window))

Another substitute for the hanger is rubber bands. Placing rubber bands in the base of the penis and testicles accumulates the blood in the penile area. The blood in the penile area will produce pressure inside. This, in theory, should allow the penis to grow as the nerves and tissues enlarge themselves naturally. Really? I mean really really? Just use common sense again. Don’t do it. The use of rubber bands is also popular when men perform Kegel exercises (apply pressure to the penis and massage it). Kegel exercises are one of many manual penile enlarging exercises that many men do. It is harmless and easy to perform and does not take a long time to do. Also, it is fairly ineffective long-term as it requires simply too much manual work each and every day. One of the pros of bands is also that they are easy to conceal and even, for example, go to work while having a rubber band wrapped around penis. Sigh.

penis home made enlarger

Don’t use wrong tools for penis enlargement job!

Yet another popular home-made device makes use of foam pipes, Velcro, and masking tape. These are also called homemade penis extenders and are used in attempts to lengthen one’s penis. The extender should be aided by a foam insulator which lengthens the penis as it is wrapped around. The masking tape can be used to stretch the penis further. These have to be done carefully as the penis may get injured if the stretching is too strong. The idea is to accumulate the blood in the penile area. The blood in the penile area will produce pressure inside. This allows the penis to grow as the nerves and tissues enlarge themselves, just like with any home-made tools. Sigh, again. You’re bat crazy if you try this shit. No kidding. I’m not trying to offend anyone here, just making sure you understand that this kind of toying with your penis and therefore health is just not something you should do – ever.

If You Choose to Make a Penis Extender at Home: advantages

In creating your home made penis stretching tool, there are not many advantages that you have. On the contrary, actually. You’ll just risk your health. Instead, by ordering a proper, clinically tested tool you’re safe from injuries and risk a lot less. Also, the extenders you can find for example right here from our site all come with full money back guarantee. Hint: hover over the “extenders” menu item and find a device called SizeGenetics. That’s our #1 recommendation. Ordering a decent extender online is safe and your personal info will not be leaked. They come home in normal looking packages, so if you’re worried about “getting caught” – no need to. It’s fully discrete. If you choose to go the engineer-way and build one yourself, think of the consequences if and when something goes wrong? Now that’s where the embarrassing part begins…

So just do yourself a favor and stick to devices that are manufactured with your best interests in mind. The human penis is a fragile and precious thing – treat it like one.


By Jared Ramsey

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