Utilizing Different Foods and Herbs in Penis Enlargement (PS. boobs)

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Can you enlarge your penis with foods? Nope. :( But read on, we’ll tell you what works!

The truth surrounding the male genital’s performance, size and girth, has always been a hot topic and a source of intense debate. Men seem to spend a lot of time either comparing their penis or in a state of stupor over whether the size is important or not. The reason behind all of this confusion lies in a man’s desire to want to sexually please women – be that the wifey or just a random one-night hookup. In the end, we want to please them anyway. Some men may feel like their size (or the lack of it) will affect their ability to please a woman sexually. This insecurity has led to numerous products that claim to increase the size, stamina and overall performance of one’s sexual ability. We list a few natural ways here, too. In recent times many scientific as well as home remedies to this problem have been suggested. Some of these remedies include using some types of foods as well as herbs that may have some special sexual properties. You’d be wise to take all of this with a grain of salt, naturally.

Natural Male Enhancement Foods for a Bigger Penis

The debate surrounding whether or not foods can produce any noticeable size difference in penis’ length, girth and overall performance has been debated practically as long as there has been penises – and that’s quite a long time. Some have stated that eating certain foods will in fact increase the amount of blood flow to the penis, resulting in a large and more powerful overall penis and erections. Others have stated that there is no real food that can change the length and performance of the male member. In any case it is important that both sides of the story are understood before coming to any conclusions about it.

Some examples of foods that have been said to produce penis enlarging effects include green vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers and spinach. Other foods that may be able to provide you with noticeable size difference is sweet potatoes, tuna, salmon, eggs and tomatoes. The reason why these foods help with the increase of your size, stamina and performance is because of their inherent nutritional value.

Any foods that help your body grow bigger and stronger will have some effect on the way your penis performs. Penis is a muscle, essentially. Realize this and you’ll see why eating is important for its health. The penis becomes erect because of blood that enters the penis. The more blood that flows into the penis the bigger and harder it is able to become. Foods that are high in saturated fats, simple carbohydrates and fatty proteins can clog your arteries. Clogged arteries lead to restricted blood flow. Restricted blood flow means that your penis will not be able to engorge with as much blood leading to smaller erections.

Though a good, balanced diet can lead to a slightly bigger erection, most men are looking for ways to dramatically increase the size of their penis. Through good nutrition and exercise you can enhance the amount of blood that is able to travel to the penis, but it will not be enough to see any real growth in your penis, unfortunately.

Male Enhancement Foods: the Counterargument

One might also say that food cannot help you achieve a more powerful erection is because no food can directly travel to a certain part of your body to help increase the performance of it. No foods, drinks or any edible can help a man achieve the size, strength and stamina that he is looking for. The best advice for most men is to maintain a fairly low body fat percentage, eat a healthy well balanced diet and exercise regularly. These three strategies can help increase overall performance in the body, penis included.

Male Enhancement Herbs or “Herbal Penis Enlargement”

herbal male enhancement

Herbs, then? Sorry. Nope again.

Some men have chosen the herbal route for their dreams of male enhancement. These herbs include such as the Yohimbe tree bark from Africa. This herb has been used during wedding ceremonies for sexual enhancement for the groom. In recent times this herb has also been put into pills and can be sold over the counter in many places. Seriously speaking: bullshit. Won’t work. Sorry.

Gingko has for long been a very popular sexual enhancement herb that originates from China. Similar to Yohimbe, Gingko has been used as a cure all for all sorts of sexual dysfunctions in males. This herb can be found in either powder form to be used in tea or in a pill form that can be taken with water or juice.

The most popular of all sexual enhancement herbs is Ginseng. This herb has been noted as an aphrodisiac and has been used for thousands of years to treat certain conditions and ailments. In recent years Ginseng has been used to treat sexual dysfunction within males and has been met with great acclaim and praise. The use of Ginseng is very safe and there are many studies that show that there are no noticeable side effects present with its use. But for enlarging? Nope. No studies and there won’t be any studies. Because it won’t work for enlarging your penis. It’s that simple. We recently found an article on Time.com also about Ginseng – check it out if you’re interested. It pretty much verifies the same: not going to work in terms of making your member longer. Also WebMD talks about food (new window) and sex.

There are millions of men searching for an answer to their male enhancement needs. Some people still stubbornly believe that foods or herbs can be a solution to their problems. Foods can help your overall body perform and grow stronger, but there is no food that is linked to penis growth. In other words, there is no food that you can eat to increase the size of your penis. Many of the herbs found in pills have been used for thousands of years to treat and help penile problems that affect men – but mainly for erection problems. And have you ever heard about placebo? That’s how pills work, seriously speaking.

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