What is the “normal” penis size

…and is YOUR Penis Size Normal?

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However, if you just want quick facts, keep reading. Things are not as simple as they seem: according to statistics, a normal penis size varies a lot according to where you live. For many guys, the “average” penis size seems much too small. Because men (and plenty of women, too) associate virility and masculinity with large penis size, there are plenty of guys out there who compare themselves to other men, and then feel very anxious and depressed, because they simply don’t measure up to society’s “ideal”. However, it is really simple to enlarge your penis with comfortable devices today.

These days more and more adult content is found online, and everyone is able to watch male porn stars show off their huge, impressive phalluses via streaming video. When it comes to feeling like a “blue movie” superstar in the bedroom, it’s all about choosing the right penis enlargement method. Without a fail-safe penis enlargement system that will offer you significant increases in length and girth, you may go through the rest of your life feeling insecure about the sub-par size of your penis.

This sort of insecurity inevitably leads to very poor self-esteem, which will adversely affect your ability to branch out socially (and romantically) and to make the most of life’s many opportunities.

So, why suffer from feelings of poor self-confidence when you just don’t have to? By choosing an effective penis enlargement system, you’ll be able to become the man that you’ve always wanted to be. The confidence that gaining inches in size (and plenty of girth) gives you will spill over into every area of your life.

After all, guys who are naturally well-endowed just carry themselves differently. They know that they are the true “Alpha males” that every woman wants to be with. You can be an Alpha male, too, when you make the decision to grow your penis through usage of the most natural and effective penis enlargement product.

Use a Penis Extender to Add Inches and Lots of Thickness to Your Penis

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If four inches just isn’t enough, why not grow your penis with a penis extender? The best penis extenders in the world, such as the acclaimed SizeGenetics, (Read SizeGenetics review) penis stretcher, are medically-approved devices that are fully FDA-approved. All the extenders we feature on Male Enhancement Watch are solid options that will make your penis grow. Just remember to use proper stretchers instead of oils and scammy pills. These stretchers work by gently and safely stretching the penis, so that there are gaps between penile tissue cells.

These new gaps trigger massive cell regeneration within the penis. In other words, new skin cells are rapidly produced, and these skin cells add incredible bulk to the penis. If you want a longer, thicker and meatier male organ, your best bet is to invest in the affordable and practical SizeGenetics system. When you do, you’ll discover the secret that hundreds of thousands of men worldwide have used to increase their penis sizes and their personal self-confidence.

Other conventional penis enlargement methods just don’t bring the same measurable results. For example, penis enlargement pills may boost blood flow to the penis temporarily, but they’ll never actually grow your penis. Likewise, penis pumps and penis enlargement creams will only offer the most fleeting benefits, if they actually work at all (and they usually don’t).

As you can see, a penis extender, which utilizes scientific and medical principles in order to enhance the length and girth of the phallus, is really the most sure-fire way to get brilliant penis enlargement results in just weeks. So, why choose any other penis enlargement system?

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What is a normal penis size?” you’ll be ready to make the most of your own penis. Whether you’re average, below-average, or slightly above average, you’ll find that a good penis extender is the key to unlocking ultimate virility and manliness. A very good solution also is to sign up for our 30-day challenge, which will teach you everything you need about how to get a bigger penis fast and safely.

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