How do penis extenders work

do penis extenders work

Traction based extenders are the best choice for you penis!

So, on this site we talk a lot about penis extenders – and especially by saying that they are really the only ones that work (no pills or gels supported here..) The question is: how do penis extenders actually work then? The world’s best penis extenders work by gently and safely stretching the penis. When the male organ is extended in this manner, gaps between penile tissue cells are created. When the body detects these gaps, it begins to produce more penile tissue cells, in order to fill up all of the “holes”.

New tissue growth inside of the penis results in a longer, thicker penis that is far more impressive and masculine in appearance. Since high-quality penis extenders work without causing any harmful side effects whatsoever, they are one of the safest, gentlest and most dependable ways to increase penis size, without painful, risky plastic surgery or dangerous drugs.

If you want a drug-free, surgery-free way to access the sort of length and girth that will make you feel more virile and more sexually confident, you’ll find that choosing an affordable, medically-approved penis extender is definitely the smart way to go. You’ll want to see facts about SizeGenetics, Jes Extender or any similar products.

So what’s the difference to other penis extending methods then?

A common question is what’s the difference then? Why we endorse extenders above everything else? That’s simple. Let’s compare them to a few other popular methods. First up: penis enlargement pills. Pills are modern day snake oil equivalents. No need to explain further – pills don’t work but people buy them because they WANT to believe that they work. Don’t get pills, do yourself a favor. Penis pumps, however, actually do enlarge penis – temporarily. No long-term gains here, sadly. Pump away happily in bath and see improvement, next morning it’s gone! Weight hanging is exactly how you imagine it – put weights in your member and stand and wait. It works. And it’s extremely uncomfortable :D. Traction-based penis extenders do the same job, but approximately 100 times more comfortably and easier! (our own ballpark figure, we believe this is about right). Finally, surgery. Surgery is definitely one option, but it is fairly risky and very, very expensive. Up to thousands of dollars (or Euros if you fancy), and there’s virtually no success guarantee. And you put yourself to danger too: nerve damage, disfigured penis, etc. Want to take the risk? We don’t think so.

What you will want to do is check out our SizeGenetics Review or have a look at other traction-based penis extenders here.

However, we do feel the need to make it clear that too much of anything is just too much. So always remember to use all devices you end up buying according to their usage instructions. It’s not particularly wise to hurt yourself by overdoing it. Even Jelqing, the thousands of years old penis enlargement method, has been warned to cause tears and even fracturing if done wrong, too much, or with too much force.

So even though the extender devices aim to be very gentle and comfortable, it’s your task to make sure that you don’t abuse them. This is nothing to be afraid, though. Just use common sense. If it hurts, it’s not good. One of the very best features of SizeGenetics device is the almost endless amount of adjustments that you can do to make its use more comfortable. They like to call it “16 way comfort technology”, or something whimsical like that, but the bottom line is that it works! Just take your time to find the correct settings for you and it’s very comfortable and safe. And you only have to do it once. This is how penis extenders work when the job is done right: adjust once, wear comfortably and safely.

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Give your woman what she wants – choose a fully functional and safe device for you penis extension needs.

As always, we’d like to hear your opinions. Have you been using an extender device and had issues with it? We have heard a lot of stories – or horror stories – on how especially certain brand of pumps have been causing a lot of issues. This is one of the reasons why we have given up on recommending pumps to our readers. We <3 traction based extenders, as they are scientifically proven to work in getting a bigger penis.