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best penis extender

Best penis extender facts ahead!

How to make my penis bigger? I can’t remember how many times this has been asked here before. And, quite miraculously, the answer is right in front of your eyes! You need to use something called “penis extender” to make your member bigger. Really simple, isn’t it? So, let’s get to business!

What’s the best device out there? We have it — and best of all, it’s available over the counter. No need for prescriptions or surgeries. Check out SizeGenetics now for guaranteed results. OR keep reading for more chit chat on this subject.

Having a big penis is a desire for many of us men. It gives us confidence when we have sex with women, and especially before that magic moment. It pleases us to please women — it’s that simple. Some men even think that women never leave them if they have big dicks 😀 This is stupid, though. It is of course nice if we know that our girls are boasting about our equipment to her lady friends, no denying that. It’s all about confidence and masculinity.

If you are one of those men who have a normal sized penis, then looking into all sorts of penis stretchers is a typical way to try and get a bigger penis. Penis stretchers come in many forms. In fact, there are thousands of different penis stretchers out there in the market that claim to lengthen your penis. However, only a handful of them are worth your attention, and work by really stretching it and exercising your member.

Best Penis Stretchers and how they Work

Penis stretchers really aid in lengthening the penis. They normally have some sort of a ring which is used to grab the head of the penis. The stretcher also contains often two cushioned rods that are wrapped around the penis and are used to stretch the muscle. Yes, your penis is a muscle, and it can be worked out just like any muscle in your body. Using extenders demand patience; The recommendation is to wear these penis stretchers every day or at least as often as you can, if daily is not possible. Removing the stretcher every twenty or so minutes is also beneficial, as normal blood circulation gets restored in the penis area.

When using a penis stretcher, blood flow in the penal area gets affected to the point that there’s only little of it. This in turn allows the nerves and tissues to expand, causing the penis to grow both in length and in mass.

Different Penis Stretcher Types

  • Pills — there are many pills that claim to help your penis growth in the market today. These pills may contain harmful ingredients that may cause bad side effects that may require hospitalization. In taking all kinds of bogus male enhancement pills, health is often at risk. Some of them cause even heart problems and may hamper one’s ability to get a natural erection.
  • Pumps — these are natural enhancers that are less of a risk health-wise. These plastic pumps often use a vacuuming process that enlarges the penis but does not provide long term effects. There is also the chance of the penis getting injured because of overusing these thingies.
  • Weights — Using weights in stretching the penis has proven to be effective yet very risky. This is because the stretching of one’s penis by using weights can cause penal injury which is painful and may also cause the penis to suffer long term complications such as one not being able to get a full erection anymore.
  • Surgery — these procedures costs thousands of dollars and also risk the the penis no longer being able to get erected. The surgery itself is a painful process that may take weeks to recover from.

Come on, what Works Then, how can I make my penis bigger???

In using a proper, traction based penis stretcher, a man can get results in a month’s time. Don’t believe us? Check out this scientific study (in a new window). The results may be like one inch or two inches, depending much on the usage of the penis stretcher of course. If a man follows the directions of the extenders and does the exercises daily, there will be good results in most cases. It should be pointed out that people are different. So, results may vary from person to person. Results, however, are still guaranteed if you use great devices like SizeGenetics — the best penis extender we have to offer. In fact, it’s the best that anyone has to offer at the moment. It’s that good. Use like it is supposed to be used, and get your money back if there are no results.

Penis Stretcher Results

So what are the results then? Click here to see some impressive results! No person is the same, so one may have results of penis growth of three inches and another man show results of one inch of growth. The important thing in using penis stretching devices is that they work over time and with patience. Remember this, and you will see success with your penis sooner than you would have ever thought possible.


–Steve from MEW

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